24th July 2015

Port Eynon Bay,










Project Photographer: Phil Holden.


Our annual Beach Sculpture Festival continued at Port Eynon Beach. After two hot sunny days previously, it was disappointing to see the rain but the artists and festival goers eventually made it onto the beach around 11.30am. Port Eynon Bay is a very popular beach resort beside the village of Port Eynon. Port Eynon Point, to the south west of the bay, is the most southerly point of the Gower Peninsula. The bay is in the area of outstanding natural beauty. Port Eynon Bay is safe, sandy and has a Seaside Award and Blue Flag Award, which Sculpture by the Sea UK has helped to achieve through their environmental art workshops here. The artists helped the hardy festival participants to create some lovely sea themed sculptures.


Mermaid magic.







What a star!



A firey sea dragon is fun to make.

A leatherback turtle emerges from the sand.




Port Eynon Bay - the heart of Gower


A mermaid smiles despite the rainy weather




We made a starfish and a castle and were very happy with the outcome. Our creativity was enhanced by the festival. Ella Rose and Adela Kitchener and mum

We made a big car to play in which was fun. the guidance and support from the artists was great. We found out about local marine species too like starfish. Environmental events like this are very worthwhile. The only thing we could have done with more of was the sun!! Dan, Noah and Aggy Bassett

Our stafish and mermaid were brilliant. The event opened our eyes to what was in front of us. The festival was very inspirational and fun with exceptionally friendly artists. Naomi, Arielle and Amelie Majid

We worked with our artist to make a big heart. We have never done sand sculpting before so it was very interesting and fun. Helen and Stephanie Parsons

We helped with all the sculptures going on by collecting materials. Our creativity was greatly enhanced by looking more closely at what we would normally walk past. We learnt about different types of seaweed and shells and the dangers of littering for marine life. The festival was very creative and educational. Jones Family

We enjoyed making a spider crab using different found objects to make things. The activity kept two small children amused on a wet and windy day. The festival artists were friendly and enthusiastic helpers - well done. We would come again. Hebberd family.


We loved our dolphin and octopus. Our creativity was definitely enhanced through the festival - the children learnt to draw and were inspired and enthusiastic about taking part. Very worthwhile. Lily, Daisy and Kate Hughes

We enjoyed making the starfish with the artists. We were very happy with the outcome and the workshop gave me ideas for sculpture in our home. Environmental events like this are worthwhile as they are opportunities to meet new and interesting people as well as enjoy the outdoors. Thank you. Donna Robertson and Caitlyn Edwards.


Shell necklaces are popular with girls

Despite a rainy day, everyone loved the experience of the festival and stayed much longer on the beach than they would have otherwise. During the afternoon lots of families camping at Port Eynon came down to the beach and enjoyed meeting new people and being creative so it was all worthwhile. The next day of the festival was promised good weather so the artists looked forward to a day without waterproofs and more participants! To see Day 4 of the festival scroll down and click the link at the bottom of the page..



Thank you to everyone for making our annual sculpture festival such a success once again.



All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Art and Education by the Sea 2016 (Formerly Sculpture by the Sea UK)

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