Our interpretative nature and art projects and workshops aim to achieve an awareness of local natural environments and wildlife for school children, through observation and study in an artistic way. The stimulation of natural creativity and imagination through environmental art increases confidence and well-being for participants. The importance of sustaining and preserving natural places and wildlife is highlighted, giving the children a lifelong understanding and appreciation of nature.

We work all year round out of doors running workshops for schools through all the seasons. As well as spring and summer, autumn and winter are also wonderful seasons when the children can examine the bare structures of nature. Tree and landcape lines are prominent and exciting for the children to recreate in the form of both sketches and sculptures. Beautiful drawings can be made about the place and its wildlife revealing the lines, forms, patterns, colours and textures in nature and giving a sense of place and belonging. Activities may include experimenting with natural pigments found in their landscape for both sketchbook work and use in sculptures. Exciting and sustainable material willow, in a spectrum of colours, is used to weave, plait, twist and construct a variety of sculptures that link, inform, delight and impress. Sessions can also be held on the nearby beaches making sea sculptures, including turtles, starfish, octopuses and crabs. Activities may also include making beautiful sensory maps of the natural places (nature reserves, school grounds, etc.) - including incorporating /recording sounds we have heard (i.e bird song, wind rustling and blowing, etc.) for an all round experience. Follow up days in school can be spent making sculptural shelters or models, based on things the children see on their trip for example: a lighthouse from recycled materials or making tiny birds from scrunched newspaper, paint and feathers.

Children enjoy learning out of doors in the fresh air and having the opportunity to work in a more kinaesthetic 'hands on' way. Their natural curiosity is aroused through the natural art workshops, keeping focus and concentration levels high, boosting self-esteem and emotional well-being. The artworks produced are authentic and meaningful; about a place and its wildlife. Through our workshops, we aim to engage children and teachers alike with nature, teaching them about sustainable materials (grown, found and recycled)and inspiring them to look at and appreciate nature. During workshops we also highlight the beauty of special natural places and wildlife, educating and raising awareness helping to protect and sustain for future generations. We believe creative subjects are critical to a rounded education, inspiring children from all backgrounds to become the producers of tomorrow and apply creative thinking in all that they do. Without this, we are sure that the potential of our diverse and dynamic society will be limited. Our workshops link in with the National Curriculum by providing meaningful, relevant and motivating activities suitable for all learners, that build on skills that are first developed during the Foundation Phase. In line with this, our project workshops especially fit in with curriculum design and technology requirements where learners design and make products by creating and developing ideas, as well as planning, making and reflecting on decisions and outcomes in terms of their finished product. Our workshops give learners the opportunity to develop, apply knowledge and understanding of both the cultural and environmental characteristics of Wales, as well as enhancing health and emotional well-being, moral and spiritual development. Through our work we encourage children and young people to become active citizens and promote sustainable development and global citizenship,as well as encouraging lifelong learning.

SCHOOL TERM TIME PROJECTS - Please get in touch with us at for workshop details/prices for Primary Schools in Swansea and West Wales- ideal for KS1 and KS2 (all ages and abilities) and linking in with the National Curriculum. We also specialise in Design and Technology Workshops for the Foundation Phase that delight and inspire little ones with stimulating and creative making opportunities across all Areas of Learning.

INSET DAYS FOR TEACHERS - Informative and practical inset days for teachers are available from the Art and Education by the Sea Team- specialising in the teaching of kinaesthetic and 'hands-on' educational approachs that link in with the curriculum, especially in outdoor settings. Please contact us for further information and prices at

Art and Education by the Sea (Sculpture by the Sea UK) are a trained team of artists who have extensive experience in working with schools and community in natural settings since 1998 on high profile Environmental Art projects. Our team of talented Swansea and West Wales artists are available to run small or large interpretative and fun events or workshops for all age groups at competitive rates. Please contact us for a free consultation to find out more. Our website features examples of projects we have run in the past - for example - see - Every Child Outside Sculpture Trail where we worked with nine local Welsh Primary Schools and also our Eco-Art project for schools. Please also see our new 2017 project Through the Senses Art and Nature Schools Project which is a beach based project for local schools.


Mae ein prosiectau a'n gweithdai natur a chelf dehongliadol yn ceisio cyflwyno ymwybyddiaeth o amgylcheddau naturiol lleol a bywyd gwyllt i blant ysgol, drwy arsylwi ac astudio mewn modd artistig. Mae ysgogi creadigrwydd a dychymyg naturiol drwy gelf amgylcheddol yn cynyddu hyder a lles emosiynol i'r rhai sy'n cymryd rhan. Pwysleisir yr angen am gynnal a chadw lleoedd naturiol a bywyd gwyllt gan roi dealltwriaeth a gwerthfawrogiad gydol oes o natur i blant.

PROSIECTAU YN YSTOD Y TYMOR YSGOL - cysylltwch â ni yn details/prices ar gyfer ysgolion cynradd yn Abertawe a gorllewin Cymru - CA1 a CA2 (pob oedran/gallu) yn gysylltiedig â'r cwricwlwm. Rydym hefyd yn cynnal gweithdai ar gyfer y Cyfnod Sylfaen sy'n gallu difyrru ac ysbrydoli rhai bach gyda chyfleoedd ysgogol a chreadigol ar draws pob maes dysgu.
DYDDIAU HMS I ATHRAWON - Dyddiau hyfforddiant mewn swydd addysgol ac ymarferol - ymagweddau addysgol ymarferol cinesthetig awyr agored sy'n gysylltiedig â'r cwricwlwm. Gwybodaeth / prisiau -


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