22ndJuly 2015

Caswell Bay,







Project Photographer: Phil Holden


Our annual sculpture festival began at the beautiful Caswell beach that boasts fantastic views and has accessible amenities. The beach holds both a Blue Flag and Seaside Award, which our art group has helped it to achieve with its environmental education activities.

Always a popular venue for the annual sculpture festival with all ages, the beach was soon alive with families and children eager to begin making sculptures with the artists, despite a wet and rainy start to the day. The sun soon began to shine and people got busy collecting shells, pebbles and driftwood for decorating the sand sculptures being made on the beach. As they gathered these treasures washed up by the tide, they explored and learnt about the beach environment.


A giant castle with staircase is created in the middle of the beach

Dolphins and turtles are recreated from sand to delight and inspire all.


A magical sea dragon is made by the Discovery Group and artists.



On white horses .......


Turtle magic for these two young boys.

Mermaids - always popular with young girls


Everyone always thoroughly enjoys the day making sculptures as well looking at the other artworks on the beach. Passers by love the buzz created by so much going on with lots of opportunities to make photographs and chat to others on the beach. After the event, as artists packed away the displays, they saw a large family and another group of friends were inspired to make their own sculptures having seen the variety of work from the day's efforts. So the festival's legacy had longeivity and will no doubt continue to inspire during the rest of the summer. The festival continued the next day at Oxwich beach .....To see page 2 of 2015 Festival at Oxwich Beach- click the link at the bottom of this page.

The finished castle is admired by all.



It was a fantastic day working with the artists. I made a beautiful shell. Gemma Hale and mum

We made a sea turtle and had lovely help and enthusiasm from the artists. Environmental events like this are very worthwhile as free local activities are great for the holidays. Evan, William and Becky Davies

Our dolphin was beautiful; the activity was very good for the children especially. Kim, Hayden and Keeley

We made a mermaid and a tower and the children were very happy with the outcome. Ben and Bridie Cable

The clown fish we made was lots of fun and our creativity was enhanced through the workshop by questioning what we made that was relevant to the place. Environmental events like this are worthwhile as they are free, social, creative and resourceful. Kate, Rich and Ruby Taylor

Our party of 6 helped make castles, mermaids and turtles and were very happy with the outcome. It was fun for the children particularly. Sara and family

We enjoyed making a mermaid and learnt new techniques for sandcastle building. We found out about environmental aspects while at the festival like the lots of jellyfish we saw. It was fun being creative while outside. James and Amelia Willis

We were on holiday here from Scotland and were delighted to discover the festival - we made a dolphin and jellfish. Salma aged 5 was completely entranced and busy. We talked about groups of animals and different seaweeds and protecting our beaches. We all enjoyed the festival - it was wonderfully educational and fun - more of these please! 10 from Scotland.

We made a starfish and it was a fabulous outcome. Our creativity was enhanced through the workshop and ideas stimulated. We found out that different beaches have different types of shells, etc. The festival was good fun, free and educational. We look forward to coming to more of these. Lily Davies, Darcy Saunders and Kayley Roberts

Our dolphin and turtle was great fun tomake and we learnt new ways of making beach art. We found out about environmental aspects while at the festival by reading the temporary sign posts about the different species the artists had put on the beach. Sam Macintiye and mum

Our group of 15 created a sea dragon, an octopus and a seal - our creativity was enhanced through the festival by using lots of different natural and found materials. We found out lots of environmental aspects while at the festival, such as being resourceful. The event brought people together in the sun and it was an excellent day. Discovery Group

We made a nautilus and enjoyed working with an artist who gave us good advice on decorating etc. Environmental events like this are very worthwhile as they bring families together. Peter Heaher and family

We enjoyed making a fish, a turtle and a starfish with the artists. We learnt about different types of marine species while at the festival which was definitely worthwhile as well as being fun and educational. More events like this please. Liz Hind, Elin and Cadel Hollisey.

A huge nautilus shell is lots of fun for this family.


Washed up fish netting and pebble patterns make for interesting artworks



The castle being constructed by lots of groups of people.

The sea dragon breathes a firey breath from washed up fishing rope


Thank you to everyone for making our annual sculpture festival such a success once again.



To see page 2 of 2015 Festival at Oxwich Beach- click the link at the bottom of this page.

All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Art and Education by the Sea 2016 (formerly Sculpture by the Sea UK)

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