23rd July 2015

Oxwich Bay,










Project Photographer: Phil Holden.


Our annual Beach Sculpture festival continued the next day at Oxwich on the south side of the Gower Peninsula. Oxwich has landscape features of sand dunes, salt marshes and woodland. Oxwich Bay itself includes a 2.5-mile long sandy beach, accessible from the village of Oxwich. It has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Great Britain. The day began with the sun shining and the tide high up the beach, ensuring a plentiful supply of water for creating sand sculptures. Soon the beach was full of excited festival participants, eager to create some beautiful artworks with the artists.

Making a large castle at the water's edge.


The sand castles were surrounded by walls made from the limestones gathered on the beach.




A beautiful starfish is made on the beach.



Families worked together to produce interesting artworks using a variety of materials.



I made a seal which I was very happy with. Our creativity was enhanced through the workshop by learning to use shells to make patterns. We loved it. Lily Bryant and Mum

We made a seahorse and enjoyed learning new ideas and techniquesto try when we are on the beach. It was a chance to be outside and learn about the environment. Amelia and Jo Tansey

Our mermaid and shark were wonderful and our creativity enhanced by learning to make something out of what's around us on the beach. We talked about different species on the beach and the event raised our environmental awareness. Ben Topping, Charlie Lippiatt, Pippa and Poppy Chadwick and mum.

We made a shark and were very happy with the outcome. The festival built our confidence to work with new materials. We learnt about shells and cockles and the event was very worthwhile as our children learnt about the environment. It was such a friendly festival and we highly recommend the workshops. Williams Family

We made a huge castle and were very happy with the outcome. The festival enhanced ouyr experience of the local environment. Oliver Family




We made a castle and a shark and learnt new skills and techniques. Environmental Art Festivals like this are worthwhile as they encourage peopleto get out and enjoy their surroundings. We learnt that you don't have to spend loads to have fun! McDonnell family

We were on holiday here from Canada with our friends from London and enjoyed making sand buildings. the children were very entertained and the festival was a great initiative for the beach. Pye family and Lupi family

Turtle magic for these young festival goers.

Our leatherback sea turtle with eggs and baby turtles was a great and absorbing activity. We were very happy with the outcome and hope to take part in more of these festivals. Luke, Joli, Leo and mum

We made a large sand house and enjoyed the activity very much. Events like this are very worthwhile as the children get somuch out of it. Lisa, Monique, Sophie and Megan Hutchinson.

We made a stafish - the artists were very helpful and creative. We found out about shells, starfish and mussels so it was educational too. The festival was excellent, creative, bonding and a great day out! More please! Eva and Lisa Mylward and Caroline Corney

Our dolphins and turtles sculptures were very enjoyable to make with our artist. the event gave us new ways of seeing the beach. The Goldsworthy- Jones Family


Our mermaid was lovely and the event was great for the children as it enhanced their knowledge and creativity. Anna, James, Llinos and Elin Saton

We made a starfish and were very happy. This was the first time we ever made sculpture on the beach and we really enjoyed it. The event got the children involved and having fun while they were learning. Minder Family

A scallop shell is skillfully carved and decorated by young girls.

We enjoyed making the scallop shell - The festival was a great activity and definily deserves support. Abby Richard Williams and Flossie Walker and mum

We enjoyed making a shark and mermaid. The artist started us off and the children then took ownership of the project. Fab. We learnt about different types of shell. Environmental events like this are worthwhile - there are lots of sports opportunities but its good to have some creative ones too. We came last year and enjoyed it so much that we can back this year and bought a friend too. Diolch! Rej and Eli Jones, Helen Wilson, Dan and Livvy Spillets.

We made a mermaid, a starfish and a necklace. We wre very happy with the outcome - any creative activity gives you a new perspective. We learnt that Starfish can grow bck limbs. The festival was a great way to include and bring people together. Lottie, George, Nick and Fiona Harvey.

We enjoyed making dragons and castles and were very happy. We found a live crab. Events like this encourage families to engage with and enjoy their environment. The festival was thoroughly enjoyed by all the family. Eva, Cameron, Natalie and Paul Baker


Our artist helped guide the children through the process of being creative and using their imagination. We made a mermaid which was really fun. the event brought families together working and playing while having fun. Jadie Hart and mum

We made a starfishand were delighted with it. Events like this are ESSENTIAL for developing creative play and imagination. So valuable as well as caring and being responsible for the environment. the festival was just so relaxed with no pressure and thoroughly inspiring. It was just as important for the adults to play and engage with their children in a way you don't at home. Thank you. Susannah, Ruby and Jsaper Hollett

Mermaids are always a favourite.

Little people were crafted to go with the castles, making the activity imaginative and fun.



A shark was great fun for this family to create.

Fish and mermaids

Castles made from dripped sand were fun to make.

The sculptures were interactive as well as being fun to make.

Thank you to everyone for making our annual sculpture festival such a success once again.




As well as making sculptures, there was lots of discussion about endangered marine species on our shores. There were lots of creative responses and some interesting takes on sealife. It was a great day with people really enjoying the activity and the fact that it was not a competition but something everyone could get involved in, no matter what age or ability. They were interested to see what others were making and some had travelled specially to be involved in the energy of the day. There was lots of discussion and identification of found objects on the beach, such as seaweed and creatures and people enjoyed the Festival animal species signage. A great day was had by all with pleas for more of these events. The festival continued the next day at Port Eynon Beach.To see Day 3 Port Eynon click the link at the bottom of the page.

All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Art and Education by the Sea 2016 (Formerly Sculpture by the Sea UK)

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