27th July 2016

Port Eynon Bay,







Project Photographer: Phil Holden

Our annual beach sculpture festival, now in its 12th year,continued its third day at Port Eynon Bay, a very popular beach resort beside the village of Port Eynon. Port Eynon Point, to the south west of the bay, is the most southerly point of the Gower Peninsula. The wonderful and varied landscape of the Gower Peninsula (Penrhyn Gwyr) was the first place in Britain to be designated as an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' (AONB) by the Countryside Agency on behalf of the UK government, and is one of only five within Wales. 2016 saw the Gower Peninsula celebrating its 60th year as an AONB, an accolade that has truly stood the test of time. Port Eynon Bay is safe, sandy and award winning. It's also suitable for watersports. It was voted the Best British Beach in the 2011 Great British Beach Awards. Port Eynon has both a Blue Flag and Seaside Award.

The Festival is always a popular event at the beach and this year was no exception. With blue skies and the sun shining down all day, the artists were kept busy all day with lots of people arriving for the drop in workshops.


An impressive castle is cast on the beach with marine animals in its grounds








Teenagers create musical instruments from flotsam and jetsam

Intricate sculptures and designs engaged all ages working together

Lots of imaginative opportunities to create

Everyone was pleased and happy with their sculptures



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A wonderful day being creative at the beach


We made a bird sculpture and a sand shape. The Artists were fabulous role models - showing children how to use all the materials around them to create art works. Events like this are very worthwhile as they raise awareness for children and families especially that live in the city with not much access to everyday wildlife and environmental aspects of life. Roxy and Daisy, Tabitha, Eliza and Stephanie

We made a mermaid sculpture which we were very happy with. Our creativity was enhanced by being encouraged to hunt for beach things to create with. Becka, Carol, Tabitha and Lilia

The children made a starfish and a castle. They were very happy. The festival was inspiring - gentle encouragement with positive feedback from the artists as the children worked was great. They found out some environmental aspects such as different starfish. Environmental Art festivals like this are worthwhile as they encourage creativity outside using nature. Sharon, Poppy and Rueben Darlow

We made an octopus which was great. The event was a great focus for the kids. Sara-Jane and William and Isabel

We made a beautiful little seal which was lovely. Our creativity was enhanced by experiencing new textures and using items from the beach to make our sculptures. The festival was a positive activity. Seren, Osian,Oona and Mum Potts

We were really happy with the mermaid sculpture we made and the shell necklaces. We enjoyed the creative play and learnt different shell names. Events like this are a good opportunity to learn and have fun with nature. Roz and Sol and parents

I made a shell and a turtle which I was ery happy with. I enjoyed working with natural materials and found out about local marine life. Festivals like this make crativity accessible and available to all. Richard Cunningham

I made a leatherback turtle which gave me more confidence to create. I found out about local marine life through discovery and discussion with the artists. Brogan

We made a starfish which was great. Our creativity was enhanced through lots of direction and explanations from the artist. We learnt about different species of starfish - the event was educational for the children. Karen, thomas, Siwan Payne

Our brittle star fish and sea monster was a lot of fun to create. We gained more confidence with natural materials and the festival taught us to be more resourceful on the beach. Emily and Owen

We made Sea anemones which we really enjoyed. Art festivals like this are great for interaction with natural environment and resources. It was wonderful! Christine Butt and Ffion and Chrissie Parker

Our Jelly fish and dolphin were brilliant. Connor learnt how the rich environmnet of the beach/sea could be used to create ideas. We learnt names of shellfish, Bladderauk Seaweed, etc. Thanks to all - Connor throughly enjoyed his day and made a great sculpture. Connor Groves and mum

We helped cast a huge castle which we were very happy with. also decorate with stafish in the garden. We found out about spider crabs while at the festival. The event was just lovely for kids to join in. Rhys and Jack Evans, Ryan Jones and parents

I made a Turtle which looked great. It was very exciting and fun thing to do. Jacob





A beautful turtle made with sand, pebbles and green seaweed



Thank you to everyone for making our annual sculpture festival such a success once again.




To see day 4 of 2016 Festival at Bracelet Bay- click the link at the bottom of this page.



All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Art and Education by the Sea 2016 (Sculpture by the Sea UK)

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