29th July 2016

Blackpill Bay,







Project Photographer: Phil Holden

Our annual beach sculpture festival, now in its 12th year, continued with its finale day at Blackpill Beach, Swansea. The beach is part of Swansea Bay and is a great place to find driftwood, shells and other materials that can be used to make wonderful sculptures. Situated between Mumbles and Swansea, the beach is a designated site of special scientific interest due to the rare birds that overwinter here. In particular, the Ringed Plover and the Sanderling, wader birds that work the tide to catch their favourite food. The birds are always the main inspiration for the sculptures that are created at Blackpill. Nearby the beach, the Junction cafe offers great refreshments and meals to make it the perfect location for a day at Blackpill. The beach was full all day with people attending the festival so it was a great finale to a wonderful event again.

Beautiful bird sculptures were made to walk across the beach



Abby from the RSPB was on hand to advise about the rare birds and help

create sculptures

Using driftwood and sticks was a wonderful way to inspire young children with imaginative out of doors early learning.

A large scale cormorant made from sand and decorated with different shells engaged lots of youngsters during the day with a fun and adventurous activity that encouraged creativity and imaginative play

All ages joined in to create interesting sculptures from found materials on the beach

The Discovery Group create large scale portraits of themselves



A beautiful Ringed Plover


A beautiful puffin made by these happy girls

The cormorant took all day to complete but was a very satisfying task


We made Mimi, the sand mermaid and we were very pleased as it went swimmingly! Our creativity was enhanced through the teamwork and communication at the festival. We learnt about environmental issues like debris and animal remains and rubbish. It was a pleasure to come - please keep on doing it. Steve Eley and family (4)

We made a beautiful seahorse and were very happy with it. Events like thiis are worthwhile as they enhance creativity. It was a fantastic event which the children really enjoyed. Sophia and Sebastian Grove

We helped to make a bird with our artist which was lovely. We were given new ideas and the children enjoyed and learnt something. Anna and James Sartori, Elin and Ffion Saunders.

We helped with the seahorse and were very happy. The children found out all about local marine life and it was a lovely event. Griff, Erin and Llew Horan

We worked on the cormorant and were very happy with the result. Our creativity was enhanced as the festival helps you realise what you can achieve with a little imagination. Environmental art events like this are worthwhile as young people in particular are contacting with their local area. Chris Toft and 2 grandchildren

Our crab was fantastic and we felt our creativity was enhanced by looking around at what is on the beach and thinking how to incorporate them in the sculptures. We dound our about the different shell types. Environmental Art events like this are important as they encourage other uses of our surroundings. Sofia and Bethany and Harry

We made a puffin and liked it very much. My child loves nature and having knowledgeable artists on hand was very educational and fun. We found out about different birds and thought the event was very worthwhile as its educational, family orientated and so creative. Anna, Lilia and Rebecca

We worked with our artist to make a turtle - it had lovely patterns on its shell. We learnt about different types of shells whilst at the festival. it was great to be out of doors exploring the local environment. Jenny Isobel and Amy

We enjoyed making a dolphin /porpoise - our creativity was enhanced through the use of shells and different materials. We looked at the anatomy of purpoise/dolphin so learnt something too. Chris, Lewis and Lilly

Our bird was great and we were very happy with the outcome. We enjoyed collecting the feathers to decorate. Emma Beck and family

Our large group enjoyed creating bird sculptures, jelly fish and portraits. We enjoyed the total freedom to create. Discovey Group (40)

We made a turtle and felt very creative. We learnt all about different shells that we used for decoration of the sculpture. Environmental Art events like this are very worthwhile as they promote outdoor learning. Rebecca and Amelia

Our Ringed Plover was great - we so enjoyed making it. We have never made a bird sculpture before and welearnt that Plovers are endangered species. Events like this are very worthwhile. Joanna, Poppy and Connor Ottiesin

We created a lapwing bird with our artist which was very enjoyable. The festival was very accessible and fun making the most of the local environment. Thank you. Helen Wilson, Livvy and Danny Spillet, Ruby Marsden and Paige Holland

Lots of opportunities to make sculptures using a variety of skills and materials





Attention to detail was paramount at the festival


The shells were so plentiful that they were used for great decorations in all the sculptures


Thank you to everyone for making our annual sculpture festival such a success once again.


A baby turtle was a delight for this happy group

It was a wonderful finale to another year of the Beach Sculpture Festival. The artists packed away their equipment, happy that they were able to run it every day successfully. Thanks for coming and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!





All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Art and Education by the Sea 2016 (Sculpture by the Sea UK)

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