26th July 2016

Port Eynon Bay,







Project Photographer: Phil Holden

Our annual beach sculpture festival, now in its 13th year,continued its third day at Port Eynon Bay, the most southerly point of the Gower Peninsula. The previous two days of beautiful sunny weather was replaced with a wet and windy start to the day. Eventually the bad weather subsided somewhat and the artists descended on the beach to begin making some sculptures. They were soon joined by holiday makers and locals determined to make the most of their summer holidays, despite the unseasonable weather. People enjoyed the element of surprise on arrival at the beach to find some inspiring sculptures and responded with great enthusiasm as the skies cleared from the morning rain. There is always something quite exciting about getting out after a storm - to see what might have been washed up on the beach and to relieve the cabin fever! People were really enthusiastic and were really inspired by what the artists had already created in the rain. It gave them real confidence to see what could be made from a few found materials. An environmental awareness was achieved by the artists in many ways - e.g. teaching the names of shells and sea creatures, backed up with fact sheets about British marine life. It was a great festival event after the rain..a lovely busy bustling afternoon with lots of people enjoying being creative on the beach.ach to find wonderful sculpures.

A plesiosaur is created from driftwood and stones

Attention to detail is always key for making a beautiful sculpture.

Participants had lots of new ideas through the festival and the knowledge how to create sculptures

A crab is created using the beautiful brown, red and orange pebbles that are found at Port Eynon Beach

Intricate sculptures and designs engaged all ages working together

Lots of imaginative opportunities to create sculptures

A wonderful day being creative at the beach. Also in discussing the materials, where they came from and what they were used for.

Everyone was pleased and happy with their sculptures


We made a seahorse which was FANTASTIC! We loved it! The festival gave us a lovely 'feel good' feeling inside. We learnt about recycling at the event. Environmental events like this are precious - for team work, creativity and to 'thank' the outdoors and the treasure we have there! Thanks so much. Josh and Mags Attwell and family (5)

We made a seahorse - it inspired us. We can make anything! We learnt how to be careful taking things from the bech to collect. The festival was an excellent idea - thanks! Evan, Carys and Rosa Roxburgh

We made a starfish and were very happy with it. the festival allowed the children to work in a new medium. The event was very worthwhile as it let people get involved and do new things. Lois, Jessie Travens and mum

Our volcano sculpture erupted! The event gave us lots new ideas and brought awareness of the environment as well as being fun! It was great. Toby Greenwood and grandaD

We enjoyed viewing and photographing the sculptures as well as talking to the artists. Napier family (5)

All the sculptures were amazing - we really enjoyed looking at them. We never would have thought of how stuff lying around could be used to make such stunning sculptures. Susan Richardson and Lynne Behennah

We made a dolphin which we were very happy with. Our creativity was wenhanced with the help and advice from the artists. We learnt about local marine life. The event educated the children. Lisa Harman and mum

We made a castle with marine animals which we were very happy with. the event was educational and fun. Paul Napier and family (5)

The starfish we made reminded us of being in France! We also loved the dinosaur that was on the beach created with driftwood and stones. Events like this should be available on beaches more often. Events like this are very worthwhile to encourage traditional activities (bucket and spade) on the beach and to encourage creativity - children have lost lots of these skills and need to be helped to 'be free range'. Jan and Brian Ashton and Baillie.

We made a starfish that we were very pleased with. Events like this are educational and fun. Helen and Otis.

We enjoyed making a crab and learnt about crabs and other sealife whilst at the event. Events like this are wonderful for both adults and children. Rob and Amanda Hedley

We made a huge mermaid which we were very happy with -my daughter went from saying she couldn't draw to loving her work. The education through the art that the festival brought was superb. Nerys, Neil,Nia and Evan Allsop

We made a cormorant and a shell necklace. We enjoyed using different materials and learning about sea life. It was fun. Destiny and Lily

We made the planet, a dolphin and a fort - the event was great to express imagination, hand and craft skills. we learnt about local marine life and the event increased children's awareness of environmental issues. It was a good day for children and adults! Harry and Lily Winters and grandad

Thank you to everyone for making our annual sculpture festival such a success once again.





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All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Art and Education by the Sea 2017 (Sculpture by the Sea UK)

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