25th July 2017

Oxwich Bay,








Project Photographer: Phil Holden


Our annual beach sculpture festival, now in its 13th year, continued to its second venue at the wonderful Oxwich Bay which is on the south of the Gower Peninsula. Oxwich Bay is the second largest beach on Gower and it's landscape features sand dunes, salt marshes and beautiful woodland which is particularly rich in wild flowers. Oxwich beach is always a very popular venue for our annual sculpture festival and with the good weather continuing,families and children arrived eager to work with the artists and create some beautiful and inspiring sculptures based on marine species. Everyone responded well to the activities with many comments of pleasure and appreciation. Participants seemed to be very aware of the value and importance of the site to their wellbeing. Participants were engaged in conversation about the site and environmental issues affecting it. Through the festival, an environmental awareness about the site and its marine life was achieved - e.g. conversations about cockles,muscles and seaweeds growing there. The artists discussed with participants a variety of issues concerning saline worldwide such as plastics being so damaging and the warming of the seas.







A leatherback turtle is created from sand and decorated with limestone pebbles

Cockle shells are used in an intricate pattern to make the tail of a mermaid



A beautiful japanese sea garden made from precious things collected on the beach




The festival was a wonderful opportunity for families to spend happy days together being creative at the beach. It was particularly successful with the involvement of adults in the activities and communication between generational groups.



Sculpture, Art and Education.

Learning through play always encourages creativity and an enhanced sense of well being.


A beautiful shell is made to 'listen to the sound of the sea'

Children followed through their ideas and used their imagainations to create other animals

The day was so inspiring with lots of beautiful marine creatures being made like this shark which was fun to make for lots of children. One mum suggested that we ran all summer holiday!

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Large interactive sculptures were created by the artists and festival people,

providing a fantastic opportunity for creative and imaginative play all day for all ages


We were very happy with our starfish made from shells and pebbles. The children enjoyed looking for items and creating the design. We learnt what starfish eat and about other seaside wildlife. Events like this are very worthwhile as children enjoy collecting, making and learning about the environment. The artists were friendly, helpful and very good with the children. We'll definately come again. Beth, Jack and Oliver Spencer

We made a beautiful shell which we were very happy with. We had great fun at the festival. Luke, Amelie, Thea Barrett and mum

Our crab was great - we enjoyed the creative play. Lizzy, Shona Bramwell and parents

We made a shark and a little sea lizard - they were fab! it was a lovely way to learn. Red Richardson and mum

Our sculptures were Terry the turtle, Bird man creature and a mermaid which we were very happy with. It was good fun. Niamh and Fraser Barnett

We made a starfish and a wibbley wobbley jelly fish. The events help children to be more aware of wildlife and marine life. it was great fun - kids loved it. Max,Harry, Rebecca Wiley

We made a castle with sea animals. Our creativity was enhanced through the artists guiding and suggesting ideas. Events like this are worthwhile as they encourage knowledge. Ryan, Alex and Rosemary Blyth

Our shark was great and we had fun. Benjamin Hornigold and Chrissy Mcelroy

We made a starfish and a shell necklace - the kids loved it! They were inspired to make sculptures. Matilda, William, Pippa and Jane Sinnott

The children's creativity was enhanced with the self achievement in making the sculptures. We were very happy with the fish and octopus we made. Millie Jenkies and Ruby Williams

The children worked well as a team to make a mermaid. It was a fantastic event for the kids - absolutely brilliant! Sam and Billie Shakespeare, Joseph, Ben and Kristian Ryman and Henry Shelley.

We made a shell which was very therapeutic - we were very happy with it. Events like this were very worthwhile as they educate children about our natural world. Neifion really enjoyed it. Neifion and Sally Howells

We made a giant turtle - oh yes, we we very happy with it - it was magic! The evnt made people think of the environment - very worthwhile. Well done to the artists! Think Green! Chrissie Wright and Sinclair

The children thoroughly enjoyed planning and making the starfish sculpture- they worked well together as a team - it was a wonderful day. Erin and Annabelle Tonge

We loved our seahorse -our creativity was enhanced through using design. It was fun enjoyable learning. Isobel Keaher and mum

We had a wonderful day making an octopus and starfish. George, Archie and Val Johnson

The event gave us lots of inspiration for future projects. Our turtle was amazing! Environmental Art festivals are like this are worthwhile as they are so good to inform and inspire children. It was a wonderful day. Erin and Emma Stanley

We made a seal which we were very happy with. The event has inspired us to make further sculptures on the beach. Jacob and Brogan Cunningham

We were extremely happy with our turtle sculpture - the event inolved people young and old. It was perfect. Ellie Quirke and Lauren Mochrie

Proudly wearing a shell necklace made at the festival.

A shell necklace is always a delight!



I'ts always nice to see peoples horizons challenged and encourage them to use new materials. Creativity was enhanced for not only those who participated but also for people who were just passing and enjoying what was happening.

The beach jewellery workshop using shells and natural twine was very popular after a hot day's work on the sculptures.


A magical mermaid was created by this group of boys

The art of sculpture.

Thank you to everyone for making our annual sculpture festival such a success once again.


Bringing Art out of the gallery into the heart of the community - on the beach. The day went very well and was greatly appreciated by the participants and enjoyed by the artists. A very busy tourist beach - the event was popular and well attended.

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All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Art and Education by the Sea 2017 (Sculpture by the Sea UK)

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